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This week at the Paint The Stars Photography studio has been a little crazy.  Of course I have my weekly work load to handle.  Some weeks there’s a TON of stuff to do and some weeks I can take it easy.  This week just so happened to be a BUSY BUSY BUSY week.

There’s a few things going on.  First and foremost we had our loving and incredible pastor, Pastor Paul Foster Sr. (Lighthouse Church) go on to be with Jesus.  The church is mourning his death this week…  And by church I mean THOUSANDS of people.  This man has one of the most incredible testimonies I’ve ever known.  To be able to love and inspire so many people is beyond imagination.  So many loved him and will miss him.  However, we all know he’s in a MUCH better place than this world.  We love you Pastor Paul!!!!!

My husband has been helping get the new church facility ready for Pastor Paul’s memorial service.  The services were held these past two days.  So we planned our week all around that.  We want to be there as much as possible for his family.  They have always been there for us.  Especially Pastor Paul.  He has always been a very busy man but when you pick up the phone and call on him he always came running.  Such an inspiration.

To be sure my hunny could be available for any help at the church and for the memorial services I’ve been keeping the girls at home with me.  When you have little ones you and your husband have to be a team!  So for this instance, my  position on the team was freeing up my schedule so I can be home with the girls and he can be where he needs to be.

In addition to all the preparations for the memorial this week I also had some clients scheduled for their photo reveal and a newborn photography session on the books.  To other professionals this probably doesn’t sound like too busy of a schedule but to this work-from-home momma it was a lot.  Because after all I still had my normal back office work load and normal family and household responsibilities going on.  We also have teenagers so that means we double as a taxi service.  Anybody else with teens feel my pain!?

That’s where that team player mentality really comes in.  This week I did more of the running the kids around rather then my husband.  But other weeks when I have a lot of outdoor sessions to get to or the occasional girl’s night (woop woop) my husband will carry the load for the team.

But even with the busy schedule I wanted to take some time out to share a recent 1st birthday session I photographed.

Sweet Savannah came to the Paint The Stars Photography studio and was an absolute doll.  Her momma mentioned that she had a busy day before she came.  She had an eye doctor appointment that morning and Mom said it was more intense than she anticipated.  Nonetheless, Savannah rocked her 1st birthday photography session.  Just take a look at those sweet smiles below!

Savannah’s mommy let me do something that I absolutely love, style the whole session 🙂  I let her know ahead of time that I had plenty of outfits, props and backdrops.  She said I was free to do whatever I wanted.  She said “I trust your creativity.”  To this Annapolis family photographer those were some magic words.

With that in mind I started grabbing all the pink and gold things I could find.  You wonder what my favorite color is?  😉

For the first set up I immediately went to my stash of items from one of my favorite prop vendors, Posh Peanut Children’s Boutique.  I paired one of their pink vintage rosette headbands with their delicate yet stunning cream and lace romper (You can see a photo of my own daughter wearing the same headband in our 1st blog post.)  I wanted to keep with that neutral/cream theme so I sat Savannah in a little cream colored bucket that was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Then I layered one of my pretty ivory wool bump blankets purchased from another photography vendor that I love, Blue Stone Sky.

For another setup I wanted to get some rich colors going so I grabbed one of my gold sequin tutu dresses and I paired it with a pink rose tieback that one of my previous clients gifted me.  (Yes, you read correct.  Sometimes my AMAZING clients actually let me keep some of the props that they purchase.)  I was so pleased with the way the gold dress complimented my dark blue wood floor.

Then as the finale we wanted to do a 1st birthday theme at the end of the session.  I just love the look of chunky babies with no shirt on.  So I kept Savannah shirtless with just a pretty blush pink tutu and of course she had to wear a party hat, DUH!  I put a custom 1st birthday party hat on her and it looked so festive.  If you guys are planning a 1st birthday or a 1st birthday photo shoot then you need to check out Kutie Bow Tuties.  They have tons of personalized festive and pretty accessories!  That’s where I got the party hat that you see Savannah wearing below.  Cute isn’t it!?!

Before the session I was brainstorming ideas for 1st birthday props to use for Savannah’s portraits.  Since it was spring I decided to go with a tulip theme.  Cause what is a Maryland spring without tulips?  I love how the end product turned out.  It has that whole dreamy pink feeling.  You can see the photos from this section of the shoot below.

So to say this 1st birthday photography session was a success would be an understatement.  When mom and dad came to the studio for the photo reveal they were both in awe.  They purchased some gorgeous wall art of these photos that I’m sure they will treasure for many years.  My only set back was that mom and dad didn’t get in any photos during this shoot.  I made Savannah’s mommy promise me that very soon we’ll do a session where mom and dad will participate!!!  She promised…So I’ll have to stay on her and not let her back out!  You hear that Brianna?  I’m not letting you get out of your promise!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my crazy week and sweet Savannah’s 1st birthday photography session.  Do yourself a favor and peek at the beautiful images from her session below.

Please also take a minute to write me a comment below.  I truly love reading all you have to say.  Any comments on this post?  Maybe you just want to say “Hello!”  Do you have some words of wisdom on how to handle being a work-from-home mommy?  I’d love to hear what you have to say 🙂

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