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I’m so excited to share this Paint The Stars Photography session with you all today.  I actually photographed this session almost 2 weeks ago.  It’s been killing me not to share the photos but I wanted to wait for 4th of July weekend.

I started planning this session about 2 months ago.  I found an amazing vintage American flag on one of my favorite prop vendor’s website (Blue Stone Sky) and knew I wanted to do something fun for 4th of July with it.

I have 3 daughters so anytime I start dreaming up a styled session I begin to envision which one I’m going to have model for me.  We have a son too but he’s not very interested in getting his photos taken a lot lol.  I’ve been blessed with girls who LOVE to get all dolled up to do these kinds of sessions for me.  They get so excited when I tell them my next idea.  They say: “Oh, Oh, how will you do my hair?!?  Oh, Oh, what outfit did you get for me!?!”

For this session I knew I wanted to focus on little Miss Bella.  I haven’t done an epic session of her in a little while, so it’s about that time!  I knew she would rock this one.

The idea/story behind the photo of Bella on the horse with the flag is this: A princess from around the 1800’s just escaped the castle, threw on her riding boots, hopped on her horse and rode to her freedom.  The photo of her on the horse is when she finally reached her freedom and she is at peace.

Right before I took the photo of my sweet Bella on the horse I told her that idea.  I said I want you to look like you’re at peace, you’re free, strong and you’re happy.  She said “Alright, I got this.” Then she did exactly what I hoped she would.  She looked amazing, and beautiful, and strong and and and…Just perfect.

Annapolis Family Photography

I’m so proud of this girl.  She has really blossomed into quite the model.  Anytime I have a session I tell her the ‘look’ that I’m going for and that’s all the direction I need to give her.  She can listen to the vision and then match her look to what I’m hoping for.  That’s not something that is taught…this girl was born with it!!!

I also need to take a minute to mention that this was the first time she ever rode a horse.  She did pony rides when she was younger but nothing like a giant adult horse!  She did this session with NO SADDLE and by the end it was like she had been riding horses her whole life.  She was directing this horse like a pro!  Another reason she is a great model, she can go with the flow, big time!

We were so lucky to be able to use this horse.  His name is Jagger.  He’s a beautiful horse who belongs to a friend of mine.  He is a little intimidating when you first meet him.  He’s very big and he’s not shy at all.  He will start nuzzling you as soon as he meets you.  To someone who doesn’t frequent horse stables, this is kind of scary.  Within minutes though, you fall in love with this big guy.  He’s so gentle and warm.  He makes you want to go buy a horse of your own (Bella and I actually discussed the possibility of owning a horse one day.)

After the session Bella kept asking “When can we do pictures with Jagger again?  I love him!!!”

Annapolis Family Photography
Annapolis Family Photography

If I’m doing a session of one of my daughters I will typically dress all of them up and get photos of the others at the same time.  Even though the focus is only on the one, I will find any excuse to get a photo of them all together during each shoot.  So, if I’m going to be around a gorgeous horsey I’m definitely dressing up my 5-year-old too!  I even considered including my 16-month-old on this shoot as well but then I said “That is going to be way too hard, Amanda.  What are you thinkin’!?”

Sofie was so cute at this shoot.  She did pretty good at taking direction but she was a little more interested in the farm cat that was running around.  She kept saying “I can’t go over there to take pictures because the kitty won’t know where I went and she will be sad.”  I was so hot and sweaty by this point that I was like “Fine! Just go play with the kitty then…. BELLLAAA, come here…let’s do more photos of you!  Your sister is not cooperating!”  I was able to capture a few before she ran back to her kitty kitty though.

Annapolis Family Photography
Annapolis Family Photography

When we were getting ready to leave Bella demanded that she get a few photos with Jagger without the flag.  She was so in love with this guy by the end that she did not want to leave.  I’m so glad she wanted to get more photos with him because the lighting was perfect and Jagger was in a great mood!!!

Annapolis Family Photography

The photo below is Bella’s favorite!

Annapolis Family Photography

I’m so thrilled with how this session turned out.  We absolutely can’t wait to do photos with Mr. Jagger again.  His owner said we can take him to a beach next, so keep your eye out for that epic sesh!!!

Before I end this post I wanted to explain a little about the outfits and where everything is from.  I got Sofia’s gorgeous ruffle gown from Belle and Kai.  I just love how those soft ruffles gave these portraits a dreamy look.  Obsessed!  The headband Sofia is wearing is from Posh Peanut Children’s Boutique.

Bella is actually wearing a shirt from my closet.  My sister bought that shirt for me for my birthday I believe it’s from Target (Love me some Target!)  Her tutu skirt is from BB’s Boutique.  That long skirt was the perfect addition to our rugged princess theme.  The cute little headband she is wearing is actually a tie back that I use for newborns!  Take a look at one of my past newborn clients wearing the same tie back.

I know I have some-what of a prop/gown buying problem.  I’ll openly admit that… But I just can’t help myself!  It’s so much fun dreaming up these sessions and then finding the perfect wardrobe to match my vision.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about this mega fun session we did.  I hold these photos near and dear to my heart.  The photo of Bella on the horse while she’s holding the American flag is actually my favorite photo I’ve ever taken!

I’m proud of my Bella for doing such a great job and you know what.. I’m proud of myself as well…Yeah, I said it.  I’m proud of myself 🙂 I’ve come a long way in my photography journey and my early work is absolutely cringe-worthy (lol!)

To have an idea and see it through to the end and it turn out exactly how I dreamed…that’s pretty incredible.  After doing this session it made me so excited for future styled sessions with my girls.  I can’t wait to see the creative and crazy things we do!

What are your thoughts on this session?  Did you enjoy looking at these photos?  What about the American flag photo?  What emotions does it evoke for you?  Does it give that escaped princess look?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I’ll love you forever 🙂

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Love you guys so much!  See you next time 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. These photos are so beautiful they made me tear up sitting in my doctor’s waiting room. The lighting is perfect and your daughters are absolutely precious. The horse also looks like a pro…has he done this before? Lol. Anyway I think you have an amazing gift to be able to capture such emotion in a photo. Keep doing what you love because it’s working!!!

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